i read an article the other day that started with “suicide isn’t holding a gun to your head.” and it really opened up my eyes to how the world views suicide. 

yes, there are some people where their thoughts and feelings are so strong that it is holding a gun to your head, crashing your car, or overdosing on drugs. but for some people, people like me, it is things like not wearing your seatbelt in hopes that if you crash it will kill you. it is not taking medications hoping you will get so sick and die. it is smoking knowing you could get lung cancer and hoping it kills you. it’s not taking care of yourself and hoping for the worst. it’s intentionally ruining relationships, friendships, and jobs in hopes that you’ll be alone and you’ll have less of a reason to stay alive. 

suicide is different for every person. and just because it is different doesn’t mean it is less important. 


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